Kvalifika Intro

Introduction to Kvalifika

Kvalifika is an enterprise-grade identity verification software with seamless Integration in minutes to verify customers within seconds. Its tools help companies to easily identify and verify clients remotely by using cutting-edge technology. Authentication is seamless and does not require sophisticated hardware such as infrared cameras. It can be fast, easy, and incredibly secure for everyone, regardless of their device (+10 Billion Smart Devices & Webcams). To achieve this, it uses biometrics and liveness detection to ensure everyone enrolled in a system is exactly who they say they are.

Industries and Use Cases

The solution is irreplaceable for

  • Financial Institutions (e.g., commercial banks, micro landing companies, electronic money institutions, crypto exchange platforms, payment providers, etc.) to identify and verify their prospective or current clients and meet regulatory and Know Your Client (the KYC) requirements.

  • Gaming to verify users age and meet regulatory and KYC requirements.

  • Retail and e-commerce to reduce abandonment during checkout, identify and verify high-risk merchants, prevent card fraud, and protect high-value transactions.

  • Telecommunication to user onboarding, user verification and SIM swap prevention.

  • Sharing economy to verify user and host (e.g. driver, landlord, etc.) to build trust and safety in the sharing economy.

  • Mobility and travel (e.g. auto rentals, booking platforms) to verify remote customers for safety and trust, increase conversion with online authentication.

  • Health Care to secure data privacy, meet Know Your Patient requirements, avoid insurance fraud.

  • Education to verify students, regardless of their location, and increase conversion to online education.

Seamless Authentication

Three simple steps should be followed to identify and verify a client:

  1. Perform liveness detection to ensure that the person behind the online account is physically present.

  2. Take a photo of the front and back of a government-issued ID with a smartphone or webcam.

  3. Take a selfie to prove the photo ID belongs to the same client who passed a liveness detection check and took a selfie.

Liveness Detection

  • Liveness Detection is a crucial element for client authentication. Liveness Detection is AI that determines if a computer is interacting with a live human and not an inanimate spoof artifact.

  • Only certified Liveness Detection guarantees a high-security level. It prevents bots and bad actors from using photos, videos, deepfake puppets, masks, dolls, biometric bypass and camera feed or video injunctions.

  • Kvalifika uses 3D Algorithm for Liveness Detection because 3D face-mapping contains 100 times more data points than a 2D photo and is required to accurately recognize the correct user’s face concurrently verifying their human liveness.

  • The majority of 2D liveness detections can be easily fooled. Asking a user to blink, smile or nod their head can all be replicated using photos, video playbacks, masks, and even AI models. These methods can bypass virtually all liveness check systems, especially when it comes to the digital onboarding process.

Document Verification

  • Kvalifika deep learning algorithms automatically recognize the document model, including the document type, issuing country, and exact data of every ID with a machine-readable zone (MRZ).

  • We use AI-based OCR technology to read text from the machine-readable zone (MRZ) following ICAO standards. To ensure that the data is correct, we automatically check the MRZ checksum during the scanning process. If correct, the MRZ text is decoded to personal data. The whole process happens in a matter of seconds.

Biometric Identification

  • To prove that the photo ID belongs to the person in front of the camera, Kvalifika creates a 2D photo of a user from a 3D Facemap and matches it to the user’s photo ID.

  • The precision of face match outcomes is measured by false acceptance rates (the FAR).

  • Kvalifika match Levels & associated probabilities:

    • Match Level 7 - 1/500,000 FAR

    • Match Level 6 - 1/100,000 FAR

    • Match Level 5 - 1/10,000 FAR

    • Match Level 4 - 1/1,000 FAR

    • Match Level 3 - 1/500 FAR

    • Match Level 2 - 1/250 FAR

    • Match Level 1 - 1/100 FAR

    • Match Level 0 - Non-match


  • Kvalifika helps to meet KYC and compliance requirements incredibly fast. A sophisticated dashboard and easy integration of third-party solutions (e.g. Comply Advantage) guarantee achieve AML compliance.

  • The dashboard has the following features:

    • Flow customization

    • Easy data transfer from any existing CRM

    • API integration

    • Client card event triggers

    • Manual & Automatic Client data set screening

    • Regulatory reporting tools

    • Manual document validation

    • Client investigation assign

Easy and Fast Integration

  • Kvalifika provides a variety of options (e.g. API, SDK) to effortlessly make client identification/verification solutions an integral part of your business flow.

  • Plug and play customization

  • Marketplace integration (e.g. Slack, Shopify, etc.)

  • Form builder

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