General principles and navigation components to setup Kvalifika platform

Before starting to use Kvalifika, an initial setup is required. The following information is recommended to be added and configured, according to the customer requirements:

  • Branding

    • Verification page branding

    • First page

    • Disclaimer

    • Message texts

    • Page customization for desktop and mobile

  • Session Settings

    • Basic settings

    • Liquidation settings

    • Verification standards config

    • Extra fields

    • Web hooks

    • 2FA authentication

  • Security settings

    • CORS

    • Credentials

  • Management

    • User Management

Settings are available for access and modification only through company Master User via the Left sidebar / Settings. The settings parameters are grouped into the four main categories:

It is up to the company which components, if any, to configure first, but users or branding are recommended start points.

Setup Workflow

The Complete workflow of Kvalifika platform setup consists of two main steps:

  1. User registration and management

  2. Branding and session customization

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