Guide for All Sessions Page

After successful authorization, both company master user or company agent has access to the list of verification sessions (Sessions in Top Ribbon):

Verification Sessions Page

The list shows all types of sessions, successful and Failed. There are several actions available on the page:

It is possible to search the verification sessions by: first name, last name, person ID or document ID. The list is automatically updated while typing, starting from the very first character.


The verification sessions can be filtered by several criteria:

Filter by Document type

User can be verified by two types of documents - passport or ID card. Accordingly, this filter enables the possibility to filter the sessions only by passport, ID card or both:

Filter by Final status

Final status of the user verification can be Success or Failed. Therefore, This filter filters the sessions with Success, Failed or both statuses:

Filter by Possible spoof

Session verification might be failed due to various reasons. This filter gives the possibility to filter the sessions either according to the specific reason of fail or all together:

  1. Digital Spoof Detected: Kvalifika checks document validity. Therefore, if user presents the document via a screen (e.g.: mobile, PC, etc.), this session will fail.

  2. Is not Full ID: the system verifies if the document was presented completely, i.e. if all the corners are completely visible and if an object is covering the document.

  3. Low FAR rate: Here the system compares user's identified live face via camera, with the face on the presented document. After the comparison, compliance score is calculated, which is represented by FAR (False Acceptance Rate):

    1. Match Level 7 - 1/500,000 FAR

    2. Match Level 6 - 1/100,000 FAR

    3. Match Level 5 - 1/10,000 FAR

    4. Match Level 4 - 1/1,000 FAR

    5. Match Level 3 - 1/500 FAR

    6. Match Level 2 - 1/250 FAR

    7. Match Level 1 - 1/100 FAR

FAR acceptance levels can be defined and modified by the Master User (for more details see Settings).

Filter by Date range

An Administrator can filter the session by the date range:

Verifications List

The list of verification sessions has the following columns:

  • Selfie: photo taken by the user

  • First Name: first name of the user, taken from the presented document. If the name was not identified, asterisks are shown (******).

  • Last Name: last name of the user, taken from the presented document. If the name was not identified, asterisks are shown (******).

  • Date: date and time of the verification session.

  • Document: whether the document is presented or not.

  • Liveness: whether user liveness was successfully verified.

  • Verified: final status of the verification.

    • Yes

    • No

    • Pending

      • Pending indicates the state of the session when it is being processed which may take up to several minutes.

  • Extra: if the company has defined any extra fields that should be filled, they are shown here (e.g. phone number, email, etc.). See Settings for more details.

  • More: By clicking this icon (three dots) it is possible to navigate to and view specific verification session details (see Session Details).

The list can be refreshed by Refresh Button:

The sessions list can be exported in excel (.csv) format:

The downloaded file will contain the following fields:

  • Personal Number: user personal number (extracted from the document)

  • First Name: user's first name (extracted from the document)

  • Last Name: user's last name (extracted from the document)

  • Document Number: verification document ID (extracted from the document)

  • Birth Date: user birth date (extracted from the document)

  • Nationality: user nationality (extracted from the document)

  • Sex: user gender: male/female (extracted from the document)

  • Expiration Date: Expiration date of the document in the format: "mm-dd-yy" (extracted from the document)

  • Verified: TRUE/FALSE

  • Document Valid: TRUE/FALSE

  • Liveness Status: 0 or 1

  • Match Level: FAR level

  • Creation time: verification session start date/time

  • Completion time: verification session end date/time

  • Partner: company name

  • Session ID: a unique identifier, which is automatically assigned to every session

  • Extra: Extra fields defined by the administrator

  • Document type: passport or ID

  • Client IP: IP of the verification session

  • Device: Verification session device (PC or Mobile)

  • Browser: Verification session device (e.g. Chrome, Edge, etc.)

  • OS: OS of the verification (e.g. Android, Windows, etc.)

  • Model: Model of the verification session device

  • Attempts: sequence number of the verification attempt

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