Session Details

Details of the specific verification session

Current Session

By clicking the corresponding button under the column More in the verification session list (three dots button, see All Sessions), details of the session will be opened with the current session tab selected:

The left side of the details page shows photos taken during the verification. The right side of the same page shows the data, grouped in several sections.


The first part of this section shows the user's information, which was extracted from the photo of the document:

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Document Number

  • Personal Number

  • Sex

  • Birth Date

  • Expiration Date

  • Nationality

The following sub-sections show the information about the verification:

  • Verified: Yes/No

    • Whether the user was verified

  • Liveness Passed: Yes/No

    • Whether biometric liveness detection was successful

  • Document valid: Yes/No

    • Whether the document was valid

  • Face Match Score

    • 1 to 7 of FAR score

  • ID Spoof Detection

    • Whether the presented document was valid and was presented completely

    • Options:

      • ID is real / ID is spoofed

      • Full ID detected / Full ID was not detected

  • Company

    • Company, user of which was verified

It is also possible to download the session verification details in .pdf format:

The exported document is usually intended as a print form for governmental regulators.

There may be several reasons for the document invalidity. If the document is not valid, with the click on Check MRZ errors, detailed errors are listed:

MRZ (Machine Readable Zone) check verifies the document against various standards to check validity. The following information is assessed:

  • Document code

  • Issuing state

  • Last name

  • First name

  • Document number

  • Document number check digit

  • Nationality

  • Birthdate

  • Birthdate check digit

  • Sex

  • Expiration date

  • Expiration date check digit

  • Personal number

  • Personal number check digit

  • Composite check digit

Below are some examples of the checks and possible errors:

Category: State code Error: invalid state code

Category: Composite check digit Error: invalid check digit: 8. Must be 7

Category: Document number check digit Error: invalid check digit: 0. Must be 9

Category: Last name Error: Invalid text: 1ASDFGHE. Must match the following regular expression: /^[A-Z]+<*$/

Customer Activities

This sub-section shows the following information on the right side:

  • User Agent

    • Device name

    • Device type: PC/mobile

    • Browser

    • OS

  • Session ID

    • Unique identifier which is automatically generated

  • Client IP

    • IP address of the client

  • Signed and Started

    • Starting date and time of the verification session

  • Finished

    • Ending date and time of the verification session

  • Liveness Finished

    • Yes/No

  • Document finished

    • Yes/No

  • Attempts

    • Number of the attempts when the user tried verification. For example, if the user has started verification session, was distracted by something and he/she starts the session again, the number of attempts will be 2.


If the company has integration with the list of sanctioned persons, the system will check the person's details against the list and give feedback on whether the user is sanctioned by various governmental and international organizations.

Extra Fields

If the company has defined any extra fields that should be filled, they are shown here (e.g. phone number, email, etc.). See Settings for more details.


The notes added by manual verification (see Awaiting Action) are shown here.

Attempts History

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