User Management

How to manage platform users

There are two types of users, which the company can define while adding new or modifying the existing users:

  • Master User

    • Master user is an administrator for the platform and has access to the settings.

  • User [Company Agent]

    • Company agents can view and manage sessions information

Users list is accessible via Left sidebar / Management:

The following information is visible in the users table:

  • Name [sortable]

  • Surname [sortable]

  • Phone

  • Email

  • Last login date [sortable]

  • Role

  • Status

  • More [three dots]

    • From here it is possible to:

      • View User activity log

      • Edit user's Name, Surname and Phone

      • Activate/Deactivate user

        • Confirmation window will popup

        • Master user cannot deactivate own user

      • Delete user

        • Confirmation window will popup

        • Master user cannot delete own user

By clicking Add User button, it is Master user can add more users:

After filling the form, the new user will receive an email with the credentials to access Kvalifika platform:


Users can access the profile via Top Ribbon / First Name / Profile:

From here user can change first name, surname, phone number and reset password:

After the information update, password confirmation is necessary:

If the password is correct, the user will receive an email confirmation:

To change the password, the user must enter a new password twice and confirm with the current password:

Again, the user will receive a confirmation email:

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