Session Details

Details of the session under Awaiting Action

Session Details

By clicking on More in the list (three dots) user will see the details of the verification session and decide to verify or decline the client:

Current Session


On this page user can view all the information on the client and photos (including the document photos), session information and conduct actions:

  • Client Information

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Document Number

    • Personal Number

    • Sex

    • Birth Date

    • Expiration Date

    • Nationality

  • Session Details

    • Verified: Yes/No

      • Whether the user was verified

    • Liveness Passed: Yes/No

      • Whether biometric liveness detection was successful

    • Document valid: Yes/No

      • Whether the document was valid

    • Face Match Score

      • FAR score: defines match for 3D liveness

      • 1 to 7 of FAR score

    • Match Confidence

      • Defines match ratio for 2D face recognition

      • 0 to 100

    • ID Spoof Detection

      • Whether the presented document was valid and was presented completely

      • Options:

        • ID is real / ID is spoofed

        • Full ID detected / Full ID was not detected

    • Company

      • Company, user of which was verified

  • Actions

    • Edit verification

      • Only client information can be edited

    • Download PDF

    • Verify / Reject

      • After each action, a pop-up will show up with the options to add the additional notes to the decided action:

In case of rejection, the session can be added to he several pre-defined rejected session groups and sub-groups:

  • Spam

    • SPAM

  • Compromised person

    • PEP

    • Sanctions lists

    • Criminal records

    • Adverse media

  • Suspected fraud

    • Fake

    • Blacklist

    • Selfie Mismatch

  • Data mismatch

    • Full name issue

    • ID number or document number issue

    • MRZ issue

    • Date of birth issue

  • Regulation violations

    • Age

    • Duplicate

    • Wrong region

The sub-group is the unit that can be added to the message. After selecting a group (in blue color), it is necessary to select the possible sub-group (in red color). It is possible to select several subgroups (see the screenshot below).

In addition, like in the case of the verified session, a Rejection note can be added.

Clear selection clears all the selected information with the reject message, without closing the rejection screen.

After Verification or Rejection, it is impossible to edit the session anymore.

Customer Activities

Customer activities tab of the Current Session shows more technical Information related to the session:

  • User Agent

    • Device

      • PC, Mobile

    • Browser

    • OS

  • Session Id

    • Unique identifier of the session in Kvalifika platform

  • IP

  • Signed and Started

    • Date and time of the session start

  • Finished

    • Date and time the session ends

  • Liveness finished

    • YES/NO

  • Document finished

    • YES/NO

  • Attempts

    • Number of the attempts when the user tried verification. For example, if the user started the verification session, was distracted by something and he/she starts the session again, the number of attempts will be 2.


If the company has integration with the list of sanctioned persons, the system will check the person's details against the list and give feedback on whether the user is sanctioned by various governmental and international organizations.


The noted added by an agent during manual verification are shown here (see Session Details).

Attempts History

Attempts history displays all the information regarding the attempts for a single session (there may be several attempts per session):


By clicking SEE DETAILS per each attempt, user can review the information related to each attempt. This information Includes:

  • Attempt images

  • Front image data (as extracted from MRZ)

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Personal Number

    • Document Number

    • Date of expiry

    • Date of birth

  • Back image data (as extracted from MRZ)

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Personal Number

    • Document Number

    • Nationality

    • Sex

    • Date of expiry

    • Date of birth

  • Face Match Score

    • FAR (False Acceptance Rate) Score:

      • Match Level 7 - 1/500,000 FAR

      • Match Level 6 - 1/100,000 FAR

      • Match Level 5 - 1/10,000 FAR

      • Match Level 4 - 1/1,000 FAR

      • Match Level 3 - 1/500 FAR

      • Match Level 2 - 1/250 FAR

      • Match Level 1 - 1/100 FAR

  • ID Spoof Detection

    • Is ID Real?

    • Full ID detected?

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