Management of the billing information
On this page Master users can view and manage subscription and billing data. Master user can access the page via Settings / Billing / Subscriptions:
Settings / Billing / Subscriptions


The information is divided into two tabs: Subscription and Invoices.
Settings / Billing


Subscription shows currently selected subscription plan and its status with the payment information:
  • Subscription Status
    • Can be:
      • Trailing: when is on trial period
      • Paid: when the subscription is paid
      • Failed: when subscription payment was failed
  • Current bill
  • Next expected payment
  • invoice date
  • Payment information
Billing / Subscription status
In the payment information it is possible to add or update card details:
Billing / Payment information update

Compare all plans

By clicking Compare all plans, user is navigated to the Kvalifika pricing page (new tab), where three various subscription plans can be compared (see https://www.kvalifika.com/pricing/ for more details):
Subscription plans comparison
Samples of plans and the pricing are shown - they might be different from the real plans and pricing.

Current plan

Here master user can view and manage the company's current plan. The following information is available:
  • Plan name
    • Small
    • Medium
    • Enterprise
  • Plan details
    • Price for a single verification after the limit is exceeded
    • Number of included verifications (monthly or yearly, depending on the plan)
    • Liveness and age check availability
    • Document authentication
    • Statistics availability
    • Data storage period (e.g. 6 months)
    • Multilingual support availability
    • Team roles availability
Billing / Current plan details
By clicking DEACTIVATE it is possible to deactivate the account after giving feedback (optional):
Billing / Current plan deactivation pop-up
Users can change the current plan by clicking CHANGE PLAN button and choosing the available plan options:
  • Yearly
    • Small
    • Medium
  • Monthly
    • Small
    • Medium
Billing / changing current plan
It is possible to select Small or Medium plans. For enterprise plan, the company should contact Kvalifka directly to choose the package that suits the company.

Usage this month

Here user can view real-time information about the sessions limit status:
Billing / usage this month

Invoices: Payment History

Detailed invoice history (per single month) is displayed on this page:
  • Monthly Amount
  • Invoice status
    • Trailing
    • Paid
    • Failed
  • Invoice Recipient
    • Name of the person on the card by which the payment was made
  • Invoice date
  • Payment Method
    • Type of the card by which the payment was made (e.g. Visa, MasterCard, etc.)
Billing / Invoice payment history