Session settings

Main Settings

Main session settings are configured here:

  • Max Attempts

  • Max session Length

    • in minutes

  • Support Email

  • Whether or not to use 2D or 3D Liveness

    • 3D Liveness

    • 2D Liveness

  • Choose document

    • Offered document options while verification session

    • Invisible when Kvalifika document is chosen (see below)

    • Options:

      • ID and PASSPORT

      • ID

      • PASSPORT

      • Skip document step

To save the chosen options, it is necessary to click SAVE button.

Session generation

According to the saved settings, a new session can be generated after choosing from the available languages and clicking GENERATE VERIFICAION:

After the session is generated, textbox is filled with the session link, COPY button is activated and the link is copied into the clipboard:

The link can be manually opened in browser o start a new verification session.

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