Guide to the session statistics page

On this page user can view and analyze cumulative statistical information regarding the sessions of the company. To access the Dashboard user should navigate to Dashboard through Left Sidebar:

The Dashboard page is visible only for Master users.

The page displays various statistical widgets for monitoring and analyzing various aspects of the sessions inside the defined date range (see below):

  • Total number of the completed sessions

    • Number of the unique verified persons

  • Total number of Liveness checks

    • Several verifications for a single person are counted separately

  • Total number of ID verifications

    • Number of the unique verified IDs

  • Number of the sessions requiring investigation

    • Real-time number of the session under Awaiting Action (see Awaiting Action for more details)

  • The Volume of total sessions

  • Success rate

  • Mobile/Desktop sessions rate

To select the desired date range FILTER BY DATE should be used. Besides selecting a pre-defined date or a date range (Yesterday, Last 14 days, etc.) it is possible to select two dates in the dropdown calendar control:

After selecting the dates, statistical widget and charts will be automatically updated.

By clicking DOWNLOAD CSV, it is possible to download basic statistical information in the Excel format:

Clicking the little green triangle button on either top four widgets will result in expanding the boxes, showing more details:

While hovering the Volume of total sessions chart, additional information regarding the session on date will appear:

Additionally, by clicking the sandwich button on the top right corner of the chart, it is possible to download the chart in three different formats: SVG, PNG or CSV:

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