Here Kvalifika clients can modify branding

First Page

Company can customize the first page, which is a landing page for the verification process. This can be done from Settings / Branding / First Page:

From this page, it is possible to create the first page either from a template or from a blank HTML page.

Besides editing the HTML of the first page, it is possible to:

  • Reset the first page to the defaults

  • Save edits [necessary for reflecting the edits]

  • Preview the first page

  • Change the language: English or Georgian


Disclaimer can be edited and saved in the textbox:

Besides the verification session, this disclaimer is also used in the exported .pdf file of the verification details (see Session Details).

Disclaimer translation will be added to the platform soon.


Here Master User can modify the instruction texts for the verification session. Default texts are pre-created in the platform in two languages: English and Georgia. It is possible to modify the texts in both languages and to add a new one. Additionally, new texts can also be added.

  • Language

    • Select language to edit/add texts

  • Reset texts to default

    • all the modifications and additions will be lost

  • Submit

    • Save the text modifications

  • Add new

    • Add new text (see the screen below)

  • Add font

    • New font for the texts can be uploaded into the system

    • True Type Font (.ttf) files are supported


From this page Maser User can customize the verification experience according to the company branding:

It is possible to:

  • Upload logo

  • Select primary color:

    • by changing RGB (red, green, blue) values. The resulting color will be updated while typing

    • by selecting from three predefined colors

  • Upload document icon. This icon will be visible when the user is asked to present a document during verification.

Results of the customization will be immediately previewed. It is possible to preview either Desktop or Mobile screen witt the Toggle - Desktop Screen

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