Integration Guide

Overview of Integration Process

Here you will find an overview of the crucial steps required to integrate Kvalifika into your application. You can find more details on each step in the relevant sections.

However, it is possible to use Kvalifika without any integration. You can find detailed user guides in the following sections:

These are the steps that will guide you to integrate Kvalifika with your Application. The diagram above gives an overview of the process in our platform, where to send/receive notifications, and how to interact with Kvalifika. The suggested steps may be the following:

  1. Create a Kvalifika account (see Sign Up)

  2. Integrate the Verification flow with client-side SDKs (web or mobile)

  3. If needed, Set up Web hooks, so that you will be notified about completed or reviewed verification sessions (see Web Hooks)

  4. Retrieve data via API. Integrate server-side libraries in your backend to handle the web hook events and query the Kvalifika API for details about a verification using identityAccessKey (client-side SDKs) or key (from the web hook).

Create a Kvalifika account

To enable communication between your application and Kvalifika, you need to signup for a Kvalifika account (see Sign Up) and retrieve your Application ID from Settings > Security > Credentials.

You can use a publishable Application ID for all SDKs (web App or mobile app). You can use Secret Key for all server-side libraries (e.g. backend server).

Integration of the Verification Session

It is possible to integrate Kvalifika via client-side SDK (HTML + JavaScript, React, Vue, Java, React Native, Flutter, Kotlin, Swift). The client-side integration may consist of the 3 steps:

  1. Install and import client-side SDK in your application.

  2. Render theStart Verificationbutton component in your view.

  3. Now Users can complete a Verification session according to the Verification flow - on completion, you can track the Verification and handle it accordingly via the callbacks (e.g. onFinish function).

Web Hooks

Kvalifika uses webhooks to notify the backend when an event happens in client-side SDK. Webhooks are used for asynchronous events like when a user completes a Verification, or a Verification has been reviewed and subsequently approved or declined (see more details in Web Hooks).

Sample Projects

Our Github page presents several sample codes for integration:



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