Web Hooks

Configuring web hooks

Web hook is a way for a company app to provide Kvalifika with real-time session information. A web hook delivers data to Kvalifika as it happens, meaning the data is received immediately. Web Hooks page shows added web hooks and gives the possibility to add new and update/delete the existing ones:

By clicking CONFIGURE NEW WEBHOOK, Master User can add a new web hook, after first selecting from the two available types:

  • Callback webhook

  • Serverless function web hook

Callback webhook

After selecting Callback webhook, it is possible to configure it on the same pop-up window:

The following options should be selected:

  • Web Hook

    • Post Verification

    • Post Manual Verification

  • Method (see this article for more details)

    • POST

    • PUT

  • Callback URL

  • Active (ON/OFF)


Serverless function hook

If Serverless function hook is selected, it is possible to create web hook directly from the Kvalifika platform in the same pop-up window:

Serverless function is written in JavaScript programming language (Python or other languages may be added later). The following information is needed for creating a new serverless function hook:

  • Function name

  • Web Hook

    • Which session data should be transferred:

      • Verification

      • Manual Verification

  • Enabled (ON/OFF)

  • Function body


After adding a new web hook, it will be available for further configuration on the landing page of Settings/Configuration/Web Hooks.

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