Awaiting Action

Guide for Awaiting Action page

All the verifications in the system are ended with one of the two statuses:

  1. Success

  2. Rejected

To be successful, verification should comply with various conditions, that are defined by the master user of the company. Therefore, for different companies, the conditions will be different.

If the verification session does not meet the conditions, then

  1. the verification session is rejected or

  2. the session is verified manually and appears in the list under Awaiting Actions. In case of manual inspection, the user checks verification and decides on the final status of the verification session (Successful or Rejected)

The verification conditions are defined and modified under Settings, by Master User of the company. See Settings for the details.

If Awaiting Action is enabled in the settings, and the conditions are met, company users (agent or master user) can see a notification, indicting the number of sessions that should be verified manually.

After navigating to the Awaiting Actions page, the company user should see the list of the sessions that are required to be verified:

User can:

  • Refresh the list

  • View the details of the session (see Session Details)

  • Export the list in Excel format (.csv):

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