Initial Setup

Before you begin integration, read this section to setup verification session, Awaiting Action setting and finally retrieve Application IDs

Setup Awaiting Action Settings

To use Kvalifika at its best it is recommended to setup Awaiting Action criteria from the Settings > Configuration > Session > Awaiting Actions section of the admin panel. The settings determine whether the Users' Verification Sessions are automatically accepted, declined, or require manual review based on the provided documents.


Kvalifika configuration enables various options for the customization of the appearance and flow of the verification session. This can be done from Settings > Branding > Customization:

From here user can change colors and see the preview in real time. For more details regarding customization, see Customization.

Currently, it is not possible to use customized logo and document icon through integration. However, it is possible to add desired images through customers' applications.

Retrieve Application IDs

For communication with Kvalifika, it is necessary to add Application to the Admin Panel: Settings > Security and retrieve Application ID and Application Secret Key:

Application ID is necessary for client-side SDKs (web or mobile) and the Application secret key is used to retrieve the personal data from Kvalifika.

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