High risk countries

Management of high risk countries

If the company has policies regarding sessions from high-risk countries, it is possible to configure Kvalifika for implementing the policies into the platform. When a client from a high-risk county is identified either by IP or by the extracted data from the document MRZ, the verification session stops and appears on the Rejections page. Settings / Configuration / High-Risk Countries shows added countries list and gives Master User possibility to configure them:

The list shows:

  • Country

  • Country Code

  • IP Check

    • If selected, the country will be identified by IP

  • Nationality check

    • If selected, the country will be identified by extracted information from document MRZ


    • The country will be deleted

While deleting the country, no confirmation will follow!

To add a new country to the high-risk countries, Master User should click SET COUNTRY button and fill the following information:

  • Select Country

    • From a searchable dropdown list

  • Optionally select to:

    • Enable IP Check

    • Enable Nationality Check

  • Click SAVE

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